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History Rough Draft

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Ashlands History Draft- a slightly better one than that run-through

The Second World War had finally come to a close, and the human race was recovering from the massive losses it had sustained. Slowly, families were reunited and cities rebuilt, and the world began to recover from the horrors it had faced. After a few years, all traces of the war faded into history books, a reminder of the terrors of warfare.
But from the war, two new superpowers formed; The United States and the Soviet Union. Both had spent the postwar period researching into the prominent new technology of nuclear power. From this unique combination of events, the Cold War was born, each side threatening the other with the new technology. Soon, the friction between the two countries and their allies became too intense, and without realizing the full extent of the power they wielded, they declared war. Within a few days’ time, most of Earth’s inhabitants were wiped out. Massive cities stood covered in ashes, abandoned by their original inhabitants; small towns became overgrown and lost; all traces of humanity faded into a few rare sightings and mere lore.
Nature too almost met the same fate. Most species were cut down to only a few survivors, but in time, they slowly began to repopulate, spreading across the regions humanity had lost its claim to. From this disaster, a pack of wolves formed, made up of survivers from across a wide expanse. They settled down together, unchallenged by any other pack, and lived peacefully for a time. But soon, they became too large, and the question of leadership caused unneeded friction inside the pack. Two parties jostled for the right to lead, but soon, a full-fledged argument broke out, causing the pack to split in two. One pack settled to the north, its border next to the Sea, while the other settled next to an ashbound city.

This is only the main outline in a more descriptive sense. The full history will include a battle and a forbidden love, as soon as I figure out how I can ‘poetically’ put them in.

To all who are interested, this is the original history that I eventually dismissed.

2012- The Extinction
The Year was 2012, and for humanity, it was the end of the world. They had used their super weapons, the nukes, to destroy themselves. Although the missiles had spared the countryside and forests where humans numbered few, what was left of the radiation slowly killed them off. As of today, there are no humans upon this earth, only legends and stories of them, and few rumors of rare spottings. Although in this reality, the only thing that remains is their legacy, their homes, and their technologies. Even those few things, though, were destroyed in the first stages of the attacks, or were lost to the realms of time.
Although humanity succumbed to the massive explosions, shockwaves, and the aftereffect of the bombs, nature managed to survive amongst the chaos. Although the wolves had nearly met the same fate as the species of humanity, some managed to survive, and slowly, they found each other. In time, they set up a massive pack controlled by a small group of extremely talented, smart wolves.
2076- The New World
This pack of wolves was stable, and managed to live their lives almost as normally as before the disaster. They lived in harmony with nature, staying well away from the remains of the human wars. Small elite of the ruling wolves were rarely ever seen, but their orders were well-heard.
Soon, traces of humanity began to fade in to the shadows, and the toxins in the air slowly receded, allowing access to larger stretches of territory. The sun set on green lands, and no metals reflected the rays of light back in to space. It was truly a new world.
2080- The First Signs
Although this massively large group of wolves was well organized and peaceful, things soon began to disrupt the newfound peace in the wolf’s new world. The elite rulers, and their large group of loyal followers, were becoming oppressive. They did not rule as they once did, but soon converted their methods of running the pack to terror. Their loyalists exerted their rule through force, and soon, many wolves were too scared to object. And those who did ended up disappearing soon after.
After a long time of this rule, the wolves soon became tired. They were starved and beaten in to submission by their ruler, and were treated horrendously. Thoughts of rebellion was a major subject in secret meetings across the territory. But who was to organize and lead this rebellion and put their life on the line? A single wolf rose to the call, bearing the name Kapin.
2082- January 29- The Rebel Pride
After two years of many secret meetings and many lives loss in the process of these meetings, it was agreed that they must act. The one who had organized it all was Kapin, and he was to lead the rebellion. He was an inspiring leader, and a cunning one at that. Soon, the rebels decided on their first course of action; they struck at the heart of the problem: the Elite’s territory.
They attacked with savagery and valor, but soon, they were outnumbered and driven away, if they were lucky enough to get away. The few that had survived had lost most of their will to fight, and even more so, they lost their loyalty to Kapin. Kapin, who had suffered the most wounds from the offense, was condemned to even more pain. After escaping his allies, he faded in to the shadows. Many did not care what had happened to him. Those few who did thought he was dead.
The Loyalists too had internal troubles to deal with. Lynnae, a strong and willing she-wolf with prodigy skills in leadership and the art of medicine, was slowly moving away. Despite her high ranking status and her many contributions to her large pack, she disagreed with the intentions and cruelty of her pack. After much thought and planning, she too disappeared in to the shadows.
2082- March 12- The Meeting of Legends
Kapin, upon his last few breaths, sought shelter in an old den found far away from Loyalists territories. He was soon to die, his wounds constantly dragging him down, and soon, he fell in to a deep sleep.
Upon leaving her pack, Lynnae found herself in the cold, harsh life of a lone wolf. Though she survived quite well, Lynnae was a wolf; she had to have another to talk to. Loneliness was simply not her style of life. She soon longed for old pack, where all her friends and family lived more or less happily. That is, until she found a mortally wounded wolf in a small den.
Lynnae instantly recognized Kapin. He was famous for leading the first rebellion against her pack, and his name and description was fairly common knowledge throughout the territories. At first, the she-wolf was lost on what to do. How could she betray her old pack by helping one of their most wanted enemies? The thought was soon abandoned, after all, she had left the pack because of their oppressiveness. Soon, Lynnae was tending to his wounds, and within a moon, Kapin was almost fully healed by an expert array of herbs.
Within the time they spent together, Kapin told Lynnae of what the rebels hoped to accomplish. Soon, her head was filled with thoughts of joining what was left of the rebels, and soon, the thought of running away from her pack came to a halt. She decided shortly after that she would help overthrow her family’s rule the best she could. And that meant helping Kapin.
2083- The New Plan
After some time, the couple had reached their homeland. Yet, there was a giant problem standing in their way. Since both of them were wanted inside their old territories, how were they to even plant the seeds of a new Rebellion if they could not show their faces? The answer came soon enough when one of Kapin’s close friends found the pair. It turned out that the Rebellion was already in motion, but was failing rapidly. They had no set leader or plans, and that was crushing them. Soon, there would be no chances of winning, or even surviving. It was no surprise that they reaccepted Kapin and his newfound mate openly.
-The Disaster
The rebels retreated and regrouped away from the Loyalists to plan their next move. Were they to attack again, or wait? It was impossible to claim their own stretch of territory, since they lacked numbers to defend it. How were they to live free from Loyalists? They sat around a clearing, discussing the matter at length.
Halfway through the meeting, the ground started to rumble, and soon, violent shakes were throwing trees to the ground and columns of rock in to the air. An earthquake was striking south of the Loyal Territories, and even a few miles north, the rebels were feeling it’s fury. They ran to investigate what had happened, and more specifically, what fate had befallen the Loyalists. When they arrived, their territories laid in complete ruins.
-Turn of Tides
Although the Loyalists had significantly decreased in their numbers, they still possessed many more members than the rebels, and the rebels that had stayed behind in hiding also perished. In terms, they had both lost many members. But the biggest loss was the loss of land. The territories lay in ruins, and soon, both sides were forced to relocate. The loyalists drove the Rebels North ahead of them while they looked for favorable territories to settle in. soon, they had found a perfect place full of food, water, and plenty of places to explore. The Loyalists Settled down in the south.
With no restrictions and more open land to claim, the rebels seized their opportunity to have a territory of their own. After many small battles, and an agreement later, the acquired a waterside territory just as rich and open as the Loyalists Territories. Although their numbers were still small, they lived happily. The loyalists, still a little resentful of the rebels, remained in their current state. Though, soon, they lightened up. Loyalist life became better and less oppressive, and soon, they were at the midway point of being a real pack.
2085- The Present
Today, the only thing separating the two packs is a small “Buffer Zone” that consisted of a small herb garden used by both packs, and a gigantic tower that shadows the landscape. Still, both packs history runs deep within them, and they constantly fight. The rebels have a hard time dealing with their enemies, and occasionally, they are forced back by an invasion, but soon find home again. Quite literally, it is a stalemate between them, although spying and small raids are common.
Mostly, though, peace more or less dominates, and the wolves of both packs spend their time exploring their new territories. So far, they have come across human bunkers and battleships, natural cave systems and massive waterfalls, and they constantly explore these new places as much as possible.

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