Welcome to Ashlands, a semi-realistic wolf Rp situated in a post apocalyptic world. We are a friendly and new group looking to fill our ranks with dedicated and welcoming members, so feel free to poke around and join!

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Be polite and tolerant of all members, and they will do the same to you! If any disagreements break out, contact a staff member; that's what we are here for.

About Ashlands:

Location: Ashlands is an alternate history RP located in the now ruined country of America, one of several devastated countries that was destroyed from nuclear warfare. Though the war was quite destructive, many human artifacts still remain.

Time period: The year is about 1985, 20 years after the tension finally split between the two superpowers of the world, resulting in their destruction.

Geology: Ashlands features a wide array of locations, the most prominent being a ashbound city to the south, the fog filled Lost Mountains to the east, a massive ocean to the north, and the darkened wilderness of Shadow Forests to the west.

Accounts: We ask that you only create one account. Although you can create multiple characters for the site, they should all be made under a single account. This makes it easier for both the staff and other members to keep track of characters and who RP’s as them.

Character Biographies: Please read over the character creation rules fully before creating a character. This can be found [here/link] alongside the template. While you are free to go beyond the sites set standards, your bio will not be accepted if it does not meet the requirements.


Literacy: All posts must be grammatically correct for the sake of understanding; while your point may be clear to you, it must still be clear to the other members. It also helps to double check your posts for those pesky typos. Proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation is required for all posts.

Word count: As Ashlands is a beginner to intermediate Rp, a 100 word post count is required for all IC (In Character) posts. This gives other members a good base to construct a post off of without requiring an essay to be written.

Liquid Time: The use of liquid time for any of the characters is not allowed. This means that any character can not be in two threads at once.

Dead Threads: If a thread has died or fallen inactive and you have a character stuck inside, you are allowed to pull that character out of that thread. If the thread becomes active again, you can rejoin it.

Colors and Species:

Colors: Ashlands is a semi realistic RP; that being said, all natural colors are allowed. Until evidence of a wolf with bright red flame patterns and neon pink eyes is found, you’ll just have to live with natural colors.

Accessories: Accessories such as hats, bandanas, small bags and jewelry can be bought at the pack shop.

Species: only timber/ grey wolves are allowed in Ashlands, though other species natural to America can be bought at the pack shop.


Staff Involvement: If two characters are to fight without a predetermined end, it will be deemed necessary to have a staff member moderate the fight. In this situation, post what your character does and a staff member will tell if it worked or not and how effective the move was.

God-modding: God modding is looked down upon in all RP’s, including here. The complete domination over another character in a fight, as if it were fighting a god, is not allowed and will not be tolerated.  This may also be referred to as power playing.

Predetermined Fights: if the result of the fight has already been determined, then it is not necessary to have a staff member oversee the fight; however, if you still wish to have a staff member assist in the fight, we’d be more than happy to help.

Staff: Let the staff do their job; we thrive to be fair and unbiased, allowing in character threads to remain that other independant world we signed up for.


Litter: Staff members will determine the size and appearance of the litter, alongside any abnormalities that may occur. Abnormalities occur more frequently when the pups are born in the colder months.

Pups: It is up to the parents’ characters’ owners who the pups will be RP’ed as.

Mating: When you wish for your wolf and his/her mate to have pups, post a thread in the pinboard and a staff member will volunteer to take the litter. A description will be posted for the litter, containing information on their color, build, and health.


Large Game: No matter how many wolves in the pack party or independent group are participating in the hunt, a staff member must always be called upon to oversee it. This ensures that the hunt will be realistic as possible.

Small Game: Prey such as mice, rabbits, and other basic prey animals do not need staff involvement and can be caught openly.

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